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Made with breathable and extra-stretchable premium fabrics, our shorts allow you to do yoga without restraint or added baggage.
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Constantly having to adjust your shorts to keep them from falling off or causing discomfort can be highly unproductive, especially for men. Brutal Buddha shorts are made with all the male nuances in mind so you can be 100% focused and confident in your workout.
Frequently Asked
Why are high waisted shorts preferred for yoga?

You'll feel fatigued, tired, painful, and terrific after an intense exercise - and you'll probably be drenched in perspiration. Believe it or not, the clothing you wear during a workout might affect how you feel afterward.

If you're worried about covering your body while bending and stretching, high-waisted shorts are a decent option. This is because they are less likely to slide during a vigorous practice or ride too low in inverted yoga postures such as Downward Dog.

The majority of shorts vary in length. Loose-fitting shorts are a good choice for slower-paced, restorative or yin yoga sessions.

Brutal Black Originals Shorts are ideal for the man on the go, providing superior comfort with added masculine support to let you move smoothly.

What fabrics are used to make yoga shorts?

The ideal fabric for yoga wear is a personal choice and is mostly determined by your own tastes and the physical activities you want to participate in.

There are several yoga wear fabrics to pick from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The greatest yoga clothing fabric for one person may not be the best for another. It's critical to consider what YOU want in a pair of yoga shorts and the activities you'll be participating in while wearing them.

Here are some of examples:

  • Polyesters
  • Spandex
  • Lycra
  • Rayon
  • Nylon

Let’s talk about each of these fabrics.


Polyester is often used in high concentrations in yoga shorts, and for good reason. It's a very lightweight cloth with incredible toughness, despite its low weight. Additionally, it has incredible sweat-wicking properties, making it near-essential for yoga shorts or any yoga-related gear.
However, polyester is far less breathable than many other materials, which is why just a small amount of your cloth should be polyester.


Spandex (elastane) is the fabric that will give your yoga shorts the desired stretch you've always wanted. It is well-known for its capacity to stretch to incredible lengths and then snap back to its original shape. It is less durable than polyester and also less flattering, which is why it is frequently combined with other textiles.


Lycra is synonymous with spandex but it is just a patented fabric from the DuPont Company.
Other patented textiles may be difficult to locate or are only available directly from the manufacturer. Fortunately, Lycra is not one of those materials.
Lycra is readily available at most fabric stores.


Rayon is a low-cost, soft fabric that is often used in sporting apparel due to its breathability. Numerous pairs of cheaper yoga shorts utilize this fabric in lieu of polyester, but it is not nearly as durable, and so we do not suggest it. It's not terrible, but it's far from the best.
Modal is a kind of rayon fabric that is often used in undergarments. It is elastic and silky, but it is not cheap. Given the availability of various textiles that are more suitable for yoga shorts, it is unnecessary to spend on modal fabric.


Nylon is an incredibly robust and elastic fabric that dries quickly. This material is often used to make sports wear.
It's also excellent for yoga shorts, however the majority of the finest textiles merely include a trace of it. It often exhibits issues with color fading and altering.
Due to their great flexibility, nylon spandex knits are popular in yoga shorts and trousers, although they may be on the thin side. Use this cloth sparingly if you want to be rough on your yoga attire.

How do Brutal Buddha shorts help you avoid discomfort and exposure while working out?

Whether you're working on your core strength or taking part in a hot yoga class, the right yoga shorts can make a big difference. Yoga has influenced a lot of people, women and men alike because it can help you be more flexible, and even help you deal with stress and anxiety.

With this, shorts that are lightweight and wick away sweat are good if you sweat a lot when you work out.

With all these characteristics of what is considered to be the best workout shorts for men, Brutal Buddha displays the following product characteristics:

    Brutal Buddha shorts:
  • Have a supreme liner
  • Contain deep and secure pockets
  • Have a 4-way stretch
  • Have an anti-slip waistband
  • Have enhanced breathability
  • Are sweat-wicking

Supreme Liner

Soft against the skin with just the right amount of light compression. If you traditionally don't like liners, you will change your mind after you try these Supreme ones out.
Brutal Buddha has its very own signature Package Protector built in our stylish high-waist shorts. This eliminates the possibility of pinching or discomfort. Believe us when we say that your confidence will soar and you will never have to worry again about exposing yourself in a yoga or gym class.

Deep and Secure Pockets

Having pockets in your shorts is something some people like to have. Some of these pockets are big enough to hold your phone, and some even have zippers so that your things won't fall out.
Guess what? Brutal Buddha shorts got you covered.
Our high-waist shorts have a lot of space in each side pocket to store most of your things while you're on the go. Even a water bottle can fit in these pockets!
It’s guaranteed that these compartments are deep enough to hold your items so that they won’t fall out.

4-way stretch

Doing yoga makes your body move in a lot of different ways. People who do yoga must be able to stretch. Yoga positions vary constantly. Some people make you stand on one leg or hold your body upright with your arms.
With Brutal Buddha, you don’t need to worry about what body movement you’re going to execute next. Our high-waist shorts are engineered in a way to have more than average stretch thanks to their own knitted fabric. They also allow anyone with any body shape to move freely.

What else?
We have spent three times as much on high-quality fabrics. How premium is that!

Here is a quick view of how each part is made:

Outer shorts:
88% eco-friendly recycled nylon
12% Lycra/spandex

Inner liner:
79% eco-friendly recycled polyester
21% Lycra/spandex

Package Protector™:
92% eco-friendly recycled nylon
8% Lycra/spandex

Anti-slip waistband

Sweat is inevitable when you’re working out. Sometimes, it’s a nuisance having to move your short’s waistband over and over again because of sweating. In worse cases, you may not be able to continue with your workout or yoga class because you’re conscious that your shorts keep falling off.
It's time to say goodbye to the 'plumber's crack' or having to move your waistband when you use Brutal Buddha high-waist shorts. They have an anti-slip waistband that is guaranteed to be efficient for strenuous activities or doing yoga.

Enhanced breathability

You don’t want to feel suffocated and too compressed, do you?
Brutal Buddha’s microfiber ventilation holes can be found all over our fabrics. This means it allows most of the air to get through. As a bonus, there is also an anti-odor treatment built-in. This makes sure that you always smell good and stay clean. Even after that exhausting workout.


Shorts that are made of breathable, moisture-wicking materials, and have soft seams, are a good idea for sweaty classes or workouts.
As soon as water touches the high-waist shorts made by Brutal Buddha, it quickly dries. That’s how sweat-wicking our products are.

What is our warranty policy?
Level Up Your Workout Experience
With Brutal Buddha Shorts for Men
Wearing Brutal Buddha men’s workout shorts will ensure that you can go through any routine comfortably while feeling and looking amazing. And with our silky micro-mesh Package Protector™, you can keep your package safe from awkward situations, discomfort and irritation however you move.
  • Feel extra safe and comfortable during workouts.
  • Yoga without compromising positions.
  • Look sexy and confident with stylish shorts.
  • Own workout apparel that’s guaranteed to last.
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Sweat Wicking
Brutal Buddha shorts allow sweat to dissipate and evaporate through the fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable in any weather.
Enhanced Breathability
Our microfiber ventilation technology allows maximum airflow, while our anti-odor treatment keeps you smelling fresh at all times.
Anti-Slip Waistband
Our anti-slip waistband ensures that you don’t embarrass yourself with “plumber’s crack” so you can bend and move without worry.
4-Way Stretch
With our proprietary fabric technology, Brutal Buddha shorts allow you to stretch and move entirely unrestricted, whatever your body shape.
Deep Side Pockets
Our shorts have two deep side pockets with ample room for you to bring stuff on the go like a water bottle or towel - and they won’t fall out.
Secure Back Pocket
Brutal Buddha shorts feature a secure back pocket where you can put your belongings, like your wallet, phone, keys, and other valuables.
Supreme Liner
Our shorts are lined with a Supreme buttery-soft liner that gives you the perfect amount of light compression, adding extra comfort.
Protective Technology
Our silky micro-mesh Package Protector™ built into the liner nestles and protects your male parts so you can work out without risking them.
Own the best workout shorts you’ll ever have!
Your journey to a stronger, sexier you demands workout gear that allows you to focus and go further. Level up your workout experience with apparel that protects your male parts, enables unrestricted movement, and keeps you looking sexy.
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