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The World's Most Comfortable 3-in-1 Yoga Shorts for Men

What's getting in the way of your yoga practice?

We've built a team to help get you the gear needed to practice effectively. We focus on your comfort so you can focus on your longevity and downward dog! 

These shorts are next-level. Can store my wallet, phone, and keys, and still have an extra pocket. For once, my junk stays in place through a full class.

- Shane McDonnell, Ireland

I've never been able to find yoga apparel that stays in place - the unique inner liner and pouch are a real game-changer.

- Carl Nickel, Colorado

All my yoga gear is plain jane. Love my Green & Grey Originals - something different for a change.

- Harrison Bevins, Hong Kong


The outer short with 4-way stretch to help you breathe and focus


The built-in liner to give support and stability when you need it most


The inner pouch with micromesh to keep you comfy and secure

We offer an apparel brand for ALL MEN who want to practice yoga and take their health to the next level


We want you to win, on the mat with your own yoga practice and in life. We are building a community of like-minded male yogis who understand the important balance between Brutal & Buddha. 

Namaste Brutal!