In 2018, best friends, Roe Morris and Evan Tate could not find apparel that met their needs as active men. As avid yoga practitioners, guys who enjoyed lifting heavy in the gym, training for sports, and hiking, they wanted to find a solution.

The Beginning

Evan and Roe interviewed over 1,000 men to develop training shorts that offer GREATER comfort, BETTER performance, PLUS, package protection for men. Inventing patented technology along the way, the first of its kind.


To help men unlock more comfortable, balanced, and protected active lifestyles.

The Vision

To inspire the community we build to feel, connect and live better through wearable tech.

The Brand

Brutal Buddha leads the market today in helping men to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. It’s not just the Yin or the Yang, but both in combination that fosters longevity. Stay ‘Brutal’ means to push yourself to your limits and to be ‘Buddha’ means prioritizing peace and relaxation of the mind.