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Our shorts, made of light and extra-stretchable superior fabrics, allow you to practice yoga without restriction or extra weight.
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Having to constantly readjust your shorts during yoga to prevent them from slipping off or creating discomfort can be extremely inconvenient, particularly for men.
Brutal Buddha shorts are designed with all of your manly needs in consideration, so you may be completely focused and confident during any exercise session.
Frequently Asked
How tight should yoga shorts be?

Yoga is one of the few exercises that require little equipment (you don't even need to wear socks).

However, the few fundamentals you do require are critical due to yoga's focus on form, breath, and attention. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting apparel may obstruct all three — particularly when it comes to shorts.

The short answer for how tight a pair of yoga shorts should be is this: while yoga shorts fit more tightly than running or gym shorts, a good pair should not be too constricting.

This means that comfortable yoga shorts walk a careful line between comfort and functionality, allowing you to wear them without danger of them falling down, even during inverted yoga positions.

Most importantly, the 'tightness' of the yoga shorts should be determined by your level of comfort while wearing them.

Also, you should keep an eye out for little details such as a scratchy seam or an awkward zipper. These may become so irritating that they divert your attention away from your form and breathing, interfering with what is intended to be an experience that is calming and stimulating.

What materials do you use to make yoga shorts?

When a pair of yoga shorts is comfortable and supportive, you almost forget about the work that the material or fabric is doing to create that comfort and support.

However, when a pair of yoga shorts is simply not right, whether they are too stuffy, too tight, too transparent, or not supportive enough, the fabric is nearly always to blame.

When purchasing materials for yoga shorts, you'll want to look for a cloth that has the following characteristics:

Ability to Dry Quickly

If you're going to be exercising and sweating in your yoga shorts, the fabric's ability to drain away moisture and to dry rapidly is critical.

After your exercise session, you don't want your yoga shorts to be saturated in perspiration. This is undoubtedly the most critical aspect when it comes to sports clothing, since it has a significant impact on your level of comfort while wearing the garment.


Warming up and stretching one’s muscles forms a vital part of most sports and activities, but yoga is extremely demanding on the body, and you'll want your yoga shorts to keep up with you. You'll need a lot of flexibility in your yoga shorts if you want them to retain their form after a period of use.

There are a number of materials noted for their ability to stretch, such as nylon and spandex. When it comes to yoga shorts and other sports clothes, nylon and spandex are often used to enhance their stretchiness.


The tight fit and style of yoga shorts you need a material that is thick enough to provide enough coverage. Yoga shorts will be put to the test whatever the yoga position.

Whether it be in Downward Dog or Warrior Pose, you need to choose a material that won't be too see-through. You can always try on yoga shorts at the shop, but you can't always determine whether a fabric will perform adequately.

Remember that nylon-based textiles tend to be thin and transparent, so keep that in mind when purchasing fabric that contains an excessive amount of nylon.


This implies that you should go for a material that is gentle on your skin. Because chaffing might occur while you're jogging in your yoga shorts, this issue is crucial.

The lightness of the fabric is an important consideration while choosing yoga shorts. Wearing a garment made of a lightweight material will make it easier to stay active while you're wearing it.

Ability to Resist Odor

Another practical aspect of sporting gear is the ability to resist odor. Because you'll be sweating a lot in your yoga shorts, you should seek a fabric that can resist odor-causing germs, so you don't stink after your exercise.

This is a useful consideration since not all fibers can withstand odor. This is one factor that is very dependent on your lifestyle and environment.


When doing strenuous exercising or yoga, it's critical to have adequate ventilation to be comfortable and dry. As a result, a breathable material that does not retain heat and moisture will feel more comfortable during your exercise.

While breathability is crucial, it is definitely not the most significant feature to look for when purchasing textiles for yoga shorts.

The finest yoga short fabrics are manufactured with differing combinations of various fibers. The objective is to blend the best properties of multiple fiber types to produce an 'ideal' fabric that can meet all of the requirements listed above.


Spandex, also known as elastane, is the fabric that provides your yoga shorts their elasticity. This fiber enables your body to move freely and stretch out the yoga shorts while snapping back to its original shape.

However, spandex is seldom supplied as a single material; it is often mixed with polyester, nylon, or other materials to boost its durability. Spandex is often utilized in modest percentages, such as 10-15%.


Nylon is an excellent choice for sports apparel. It has a stretchiness comparable to spandex, but it is significantly more robust and quick-drying.

One disadvantage of nylon is that it is often quite thin, which means it will not adequately cover you if worn on its own. As a result, nylon is often utilized in trace amounts.

It is often mixed with spandex or polyester to maximize its qualities while still offering a certain amount of comfort and covering.


Polyester is the most often used fabric for yoga shorts. It is both lightweight and sturdy, and it dries rapidly and can drain perspiration away in an instant. Because of these factors, the majority of athleticwear goods sold in stores are composed of polyester.

Polyester, on the other hand, is a synthetic textile that isn't breathable and isn't particularly elastic, therefore it's often blended with spandex to offer flexibility. Blends of 80-90 percent polyester and 10-20 percent spandex are common.

Polyester mix textiles, such as this ITY Fabric, occasionally utilize an interlock twist yarn pattern, which helps boost the material's stretchiness and breathability. However, since this material might be difficult to stitch, it is only advised for specialists who are skilled with sewing flexible materials if you are constructing your own yoga shorts.

What technology do Brutal Buddha shorts have that protect your sensitive parts?

Brutal Buddha shorts can assist you in moving forward with confidence, knowing that you are well-equipped and in complete control of your game.

They are capable of protecting your sensitive parts, which is a great thing to consider, especially when you do yoga or exercising.

The Brutal Buddha shorts include a variety of special qualities that are unique to their brand, including:

Package Protector™

Our silky micro-mesh Package Protector™, which is integrated into the shorts’ lining which prevents pinching and irritation of the “family jewels”.

Everything is tucked up in a silky pouch that simulates snuggling between two cushions. When twisting and rotating, you will never encounter uncomfortable pinching or crushing of your sensitive parts.

The lux inside lining also prevents irritation and rashes. Plus, while you wear them, you'll never expose yourself or experience an embarrassing mishap.

Made with high-quality fabrics

When you wear Brutal Buddha shorts, you don't have to think about what body movement you're going to perform next. Our high-waisted shorts are designed to have more elasticity than usual due to our special knitted fabric.

They also enable people of various body types to move freely.

This is due to the fact that we have spent three times as much on high-quality materials.

Our shorts are made of the following materials:

Outer layer:
88% eco-friendly recycled nylon
12% Lycra/spandex

Inner liner:
79% eco-friendly recycled polyester
21% Lycra/spandex

Package Protector™:
92% eco-friendly recycled nylon
8% Lycra/spandex

Do you have a warranty policy?

From the date of purchase, Brutal Buddha customers are entitled to a 45-day risk-free return policy, with no questions asked.

If you find a problem with one of our products, please let us know. After that, please return it to us. We value your feedback. A refund may be arranged by contacting us through the Contact Us webpage or by emailing us at You must include the term 'Return' in the subject line.

Do you want to have an exchange in your item? Customers may also return their purchases for a full refund or exchange within 45 days after purchase if they are unhappy with them for any reason.

We want to make sure that people who have tried our products and are seeking for a healthy balance are entirely satisfied.

For further information about exchanging your goods, please contact us at or through our Contact Us page. The subject line should contain the word 'Exchange'.

Do you ship for free?

Absolutely! If you spend over $90.00, you'll get free shipping! Furthermore, it is available to everyone, everywhere, not just those in the United States.

PayPal, Google Pay and ShopPay are all the options for making a payment.

Is there a subscription?

Subscribing is not required. However, if you'd want to stay up to speed on what's going on at Brutal Buddha, we'd be happy to send you an email.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up for our newsletters. It's that easy.

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Wearing Brutal Buddha men's workout shorts will allow you to do yoga easily while looking and feeling great. And, with our silky micro-mesh Package Protector™, you can protect your privates from embarrassing circumstances, pain, and irritation while you twist, stretch, and pose.
  • Feel extra protected and at ease while working out.
  • Yoga without risking your man parts.
  • Look sexy and confident with stylish shorts.
  • Yoga with apparel that is built to last.
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Sweat Wicking
Sweat is dissipated and evaporated through the fabric of the Brutal Buddha shorts, keeping you clean and pleasant in any condition.
Enhanced Breathability
Our shorts’s microfiber ventilation knitted fabric allows for optimum airflow, while our anti-odor treatment ensures that you always smell fresh.
Anti-Slip Waistband
Our anti-slip waistline keeps you from embarrassing yourself with 'plumber's crack,' allowing you to bend and move freely.
4-Way Stretch
Brutal Buddha shorts, thanks to our patented fabric technology, enable you to bend and freely move, regardless of your body shape.
Deep Side Pockets
Our shorts offer two large side pockets with plenty of capacity for carrying items like a bottle of water or towel on the go - and they won't fall out.
Secure Back Pocket
Brutal Buddha shorts have a safe rear pocket where you may store things such as your wallet, gadgets, keys, as well as other valuables.
Supreme Liner
Our yoga shorts are finished with a Supreme pillowy soft liner that provides the ideal amount of light compression while also enhancing comfort.
Protective Technology
Our silky micro-mesh Package Protector™ inside the liner holds and secures your family jewels so you can exercise without worry.
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