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Our training and yoga shorts consists of lightweight and extra-stretchable fibers, allowing you to move without constraint or unnecessary weight.
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Workout in peace without being bothered about unwanted smells, sweat, rashes, package pains, or awkward situations.
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Brutal Buddha athletic training and yoga shorts make you feel amazing as you workout, all while looking stylish and more confident.
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Brutal Buddha offers only the best training and yoga shorts - guaranteed high-quality and perfect functionality. All you have to do is order online, no matter where you are, and we will deliver your shorts so you can train harder and better with confidence.
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It can be incredibly annoying to have to frequently adjust your gear when training simply to avoid them from slipping off or causing discomfort. Brutal Buddha shorts are made with all of your manly needs in mind, so you may be entirely focused and confident every time you train.
Frequently Asked
What attributes must proper yoga and training shorts have?

There is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a challenging exercise routine. Wearing proper exercise attire, particularly shorts, can improve your performance in the gym. When we're always on the move, we want our exercise shorts to do more than just keep us comfortable. We also need to feel good wearing them in both the gym and out and about.

The ideal pair of training shorts is a result of several characteristics:


Choosing a material that's appropriate for your region, especially your climate, is an important decision in terms of athletic gear.

It is possible to keep your body temperature down and reduce perspiration retention after exercising in the heat by wearing synthetic clothing that has good sweat-wicking properties.

Brutal Buddha shorts, for example, include special designs and materials that disperse moisture to help keep you comfortable and dry. While cotton is often promoted as the best athletic wear material, it will on the other hand, also absorb perspiration and retain moisture for a longer period of time. That is why mesh materials are often recommended due to their breathable, lightweight, and easy-to-clean characteristics.

Capability to move freely

Stretching is essential in most sports and activities, but yoga is particularly taxing on your body, and you'll want your yoga shorts to keep up. If you want your yoga shorts to keep their shape after sustained usage, they must be flexible.

Nylon and spandex are two examples of materials known for their ability to stretch. They are both often used to improve the stretchiness of yoga shorts and other sports clothing.

Some training shorts, such as those created for compression using elastane or nylon, feature four-way stretch techniques to accomplish this. If you're going to be wearing your shorts for your yoga practice or even boxing or bodybuilding, you'll want shorts that are comfortable and move with you.


This means you should choose a material that is mild on your skin. Because itchiness might develop when running in your yoga shorts, this is a critical concern.

When it comes to yoga shorts, the weight of the fabric is an essential factor to consider. Wearing a garment made of a lightweight material will allow you to be more active while wearing it.


Considering that yoga shorts have a tight fit, a material that is thick enough to give enough coverage is necessary. Yoga shorts will be put through their paces no matter what yoga pose is used. Whether it is Downward Dog or Warrior Pose, you must pick a material that isn't too see-through in the first place.

You can always try on yoga shorts at the store, but you can't always tell whether a fabric is too see-through until you put them on your body.

Also, remember that nylon-based textiles are often thin and transparent, so keep this in mind when selecting fabric that includes a high concentration of nylon in its make-up.


Another useful feature of athletic equipment is its ability to withstand odor. Because you'll be sweating a lot in your yoga shorts, choose a fabric that resists odor-causing microorganisms to avoid stinking after your workout.

Because not all fibers can resist odor, this is a valuable quality to consider. This is a factor that is heavily influenced by lifestyle and one’s interests.

What components are used to make your yoga shorts?

Active clothing should function as well as they look; to ensure you buy sportswear that supports your yoga session or preferred kind of workout, it's good to learn about the most popular materials used in activewear.


When to wear it: Generally, it can be worn for all exercise types and in all weather situations.

Nylon is soft, mold- and mildew-resistant, and elastic. It bends with you as you walk and has excellent recovery, which means it will return to its pre-stretched form and size.

Nylon also has an excellent ability to drain perspiration away from your skin and through the fabric to the outer layer, where it may dissipate. Nylon may be found in almost everything, including, performance underwear, tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, leggings, and cold-weather sportswear.


When to wear it: during high-range-of-motion activities like yoga and weightlifting.

You may be familiar with the brand name Lycra for spandex. It's incredibly elastic and flexible, making it ideal for those who engage in activities that need a wide range of motion. This synthetic fabric is mostly seen in skin-tight garments like track shorts. Smaller levels of spandex may also be found in socks, boxer briefs, and looser clothes.

Spandex isn't the greatest at wicking moisture and isn't the most breathable fabric (though it's adequate at both), but they aren't the fabric's main selling points: spandex can stretch up to eight times its normal size, allowing for free, pleasant mobility in all movement patterns. It's important to remember that spandex may lose its flexibility if you put it in the dryer or iron it too often; wash on cold and air dry to extend the life of your spandex items.


When to wear it: When you're exercising outdoors in the sleet, rain, snow, or excessive humidity.

Polypropylene is a sort of plastic, and polypropylene fabric is essentially a thin, flexible version of that plastic. Polypropylene fabric is made from polypropylene fibers.

Because it is virtually completely waterproof, it is an excellent base or outer layer material. It is found in rain coats, sports undergarments, skin-tight base layers, and socks, among other things.

Polypropylene, like polyester, is an extremely durable and wrinkle-resistant material. Keeping you dry while exercising in damp or foggy weather can help you stay warm when exercising outside throughout the winter months.


When to wear it: essentially for any sort of exercise and in any conditions.

Polyester is the fitness fabric workhorse. It's reasonable that you'll find it in practically anything you buy at an athletic wear shop. Polyester is long-lasting, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking. It's also breathable and lightweight, so perspiration dissipates through the fabric and keeps you dry.

Despite its low weight, polyester is an excellent insulator, which is why many designers use it in cold-weather training gear as well as tanks, shirts, and shorts.

Brutal Buddha shorts are composed of such high-quality fibers that even the most strenuous movements will not bother you. Their high-waisted shorts are designed to have more elasticity than typical due to their exclusive knitted fabric.

It also enables people of various body types to move freely. This is due to the fact that they spent 3 times as much on high-quality materials.

Here is a quick view of how each part is made:

Outer layer:
88% eco-friendly recycled nylon
12% Lycra/spandex

Inner liner:
79% eco-friendly recycled polyester
21% Lycra/spandex

Package Protector™:
92% eco-friendly recycled nylon
8% Lycra/spandex

What does the silky micro-mesh Package Protector™ do?

Brutal Buddha's unique Package Protector is integrated into their stylish high-waist shorts.

This feature reduces the likelihood of pinching or pain in your “Jim and the twins”.

The Brutal Buddha’s shorts are comprised of these three features:

  1. The Inner layer
  2. The Outer shorts
  3. Package Protector™

This construction keeps your male parts hidden away in a silky pouch that looks like it's nestled between two cushions.

The inner layer also ensures zero irritation or rashes as it is safe and comfortable for all skin types.

You don’t need to worry about wardrobe malfunction during your yoga classes. Brutal Buddha’s got you covered literally and figuratively.

How does your warranty policy work?

Customers of Brutal Buddha are entitled to a 45-day risk-free return policy, with no questions asked, starting from the day of purchase.

You should notify us immediately if you discover a problem with one of our products. We appreciate your input and will take it into consideration.

Contact us using the Contact Us webpage or by emailing us at to make arrangements for a refund of your purchase price. You must include the word 'Return' in the subject line of your email message.

Do you want to exchange your order? If you’re dissatisfied with your products for any reason, you may return them for a full refund or swap them within 45 days of the purchase date.
Those who have tried our goods and are looking for a healthy balance should be completely happy, and we want to make sure that happens.

Please contact us at or via our Contact Us page if you need any information about exchanging your product(s). The term 'Exchange' should be in the subject line of the email.

How can you get free shipping?

Absolutely! Orders above $90.00 qualify for free delivery! And it's not only for those who live in the United States; it's for people all around the world!

PayPal, Google Pay and ShopPay are all the options for making a payment.

Is there a subscription?

There is no need to sign up for anything. However, if you're interested in hearing about what's new and exciting at Brutal Buddha, we'd be happy to drop an email into your inbox to keep you posted.

Simply enter your address in the box at the bottom of this page to get our emails.

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Sporting Brutal Buddha men's fitness shorts allows you to train better while looking and feeling wonderful. And, with our silky micro-mesh Package Protector™, you can shield your family jewels from unpleasant situations, pain, and irritation when twisting, stretching, and posing.
  • Feel more safe and secure when working out.
  • Workout without jeopardizing your manhood.
  • Look sexy and confident with stylish shorts.
  • Train with gear that is made to last.
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Sweat Wicking
Our short’s fabric allows sweat to simply disperse and evaporate, keeping you clean and comfortable in any situation.
Enhanced Breathability
Our shorts' microfiber, ventilated, knitted fabric provides for maximum airflow, and our anti-odor technology keeps you smelling fresh at all times.
Anti-Slip Waistband
Our anti-slip waistband keeps you from having 'plumber's crack,' so you can stretch and move freely without worrying about embarrassment.
4-Way Stretch
With our revolutionary fabric technology, Brutal Buddha shorts allow you to bend and move freely regardless of your body form.
Deep Side Pockets
Our shorts have two deep side pockets with much space for carrying necessities like a water bottle or a towel while on the go.
Secure Back Pocket
The Brutal Buddha shorts offer a secure back pocket where you may keep your wallet, devices, keys, and other belongings.
Supreme Liner
Our yoga shorts are completed with a Supreme silky soft liner, which gives the perfect amount of gentle compression while also improving comfort.
Protective Technology
Inside the liner, our smooth micro-mesh Package Protector™ supports and secures your package, allowing you to workout without worrying.
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